3CX WebMeeting

Save time and money by hosting virtual face-to-face meetings

3CX’s easy-to-use video conferencing solution, 3CX WebMeeting, harnesses Google’s revolutionary WebRTC technology, which enables video and voice communications to take place through the internet browser. This means that participants will be able to seamlessly join meeting without the need to download any additional software or plug-ins.

Holding webinars or video conferences can be a stressful experience, especially when the user faces technical difficulties even just setting up the call. With 3CX WebMeeting, all 3CXPhone users can launch a video conference in a few simple steps.

Fully integrated with 3CX Phone System, 3CX WebMeeting is delivered as a hosted add-on, meaning 3CX customers can easily enjoy the web conferencing feature without installing additional server hardware or requiring additional bandwidth. While meeting setup and configuration takes place locally, the actual meeting is streamed via our data centres, saving you the need for additional bandwidth.


Highlights of Jomar’s 3CX WebMeeting:

Clientless - no app required

Straightforward pricing—no hidden costs!

3CX customers are automatically licensed to hold web meetings

No extra downloads or signups

Post-meeting reports are sent to meeting organizer

One-click conference

Upload PDFs and share documents

Easily set-up remote business meetings

Easy to use polling tool for real-time feedback

No per user licensing


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