Bell Scheduling and Emergency Notification

Simplify your notification processes with BellCommander -- a precise, economical, and easy-to-manage solution

Replace the traditional school and factory bells with a more cost-effective, user-friendly, easy-to-implement bell and notification solution.

BellCommander is computer-programmed, allowing you to easily customize sounds, schedule multiple events, send emergency notifications to phones and IP speakers, or send other security and alerting systems using contact closures.

It works with both modern equipment, including VoIP phone systems and IP speakers, and with traditional PA, bell, and phone systems.

Compatible SIP Servers:

3CX, Trixbox/Asterisk, Avaya IP Office, Cisco CME/UCM, Mitel 3300ICP, Mitel 5000, Adtran, and more.


With BellCommander, you can:

Choose built-in bell sounds and voice announcement, or customize your own

Schedule up to 300 events per day

Set alarms for multiple zones

Quickly change schedules for holidays or special assemblies

Send emergency notifications and text messages to IP message boards

Manage BellCommander schedules remotely

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