Premium Phone Numbers (DID)

Get the perfect memorable phone number for your business and boost your calls and sales

A vanity phone number allows your customers to easily remember how to reach you. 

Have your telephone number spell out your company name or a key product or service for your business. Use a word or catchy number that reflects your business and make a perfect first impression with your customers, 1-800-MY-BRAND. Customize further by using nationwide 800 numbers or local numbers.

Benefits of a Vanity Phone Number


Easy to remember

Match to your website domain name

Match your brand or service

Your number stands out

More word-of-mouth referrals

Use with any carrier of your choice

Simple Set-up or Transfer

Improves brand recognition

Increase call rates to your business

Simple Setup or Transfer

Jomar will obtain the new vanity phone number and implement the setup ensuring the number is correctly routed to your business. If you have an existing phone service, Jomar will provide support to move the number out of your current service provider.

Jomar vanity TF 2

Have access and ownership to rare Manhattan 212 area code phone numbers that are completely portable to a carrier of your choice!

You can have almost immediate access and ownership to any of the 212 area code phone numbers in our inventory. These rare 212 area code phone numbers are completely “portable” to any landline, VoIP provider, or cellular service. They are perfect for any business looking to establish a Manhattan presence with a well-established 212 area code phone number.

NOTE: The phone numbers for sale are live, active working telephone numbers through Jomar's Voice over IP communications partner.

More features to increase your customer service

In addition to vanity phone numbers, Jomar offers additional telecom solutions to help your business grow.

Professional Greetings and On-Hold Advertising

Professionally voiced and produced on-hold advertising messages, auto-attendant greetings, and automated prompts enhance your business identity, reinforce your branding, and present a polished image

Auto-Attendant, Website Live Chat and More

Boost productivity and gain mobility while slashing travel and communication costs with Jomar's VoIP phone solutions. These phone solutions offer cutting-edge customer service features.

Make the right decision

Our consultants are ready to assist you with choosing the best solutions to positively impact your business.