NexVortex Business SIP Trunking

NexVortex is a nationwide provider of managed and traditional SIP Trunking

NexVortex SIP Trunking services allow businesses to make VoIP phone calls directly from an IP PBX or similar VoIP-enabled device.

NexVortex offers high-quality SIP Trunking service and managed SIP (mSIP) plans for business, multi-site applications, call centers, as well as custom plans for unique applications. NexVortex service plans include thousands of inbound and outbound service minutes, burstable trunks (unlimited call paths), a bundle of DIDs, and disaster recovery routing.

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What makes NexVortex SIP Trunking different are the features which are included free with every account. Highlights of NexVortex's Business SIP Trunking service includes:

Unlimited Simultaneous Calls—Scalability on Demand

Don't be limited to a fixed number of concurrent calls. Have the ability to add more capacity for free and as needed, often referred to as "burstable trunks".

Autodetecting Disaster Recovery

Auto-detecting disaster recovery module enables you to set pre-determined failover routes for all of your DID and toll-free numbers.

Our autodetecting disaster recovery allows you to pre-configure up to three failover rules per individual Directory Number or Toll-free number and you can easily manage those rules from your private portal. Fail some to a second PBX, others to a recording, and others to a cell phone.

You'll have protection against:

  • Power outages
  • Internet outages
  • PBX failures
  • PBX misconfiguration
  • Unreachable systems and gateways


Use your service plan over multiple and varying internet connections. Buy one SIP plan and share it over multiple locations. SIP trunking with compatible with most PBX Systems and Gateways.

Local E911 and Emergency Services

Extend your savings across your entire enterprise with local E911 and local number portability. E911 rules are changing and the need to pinpoint caller location down to a small footprint is becoming more prevalent.

Private Web-Based Portal and Project Management

Do a speed test, manage your service, check your billing, set E911 rules, set disaster recovery rules – all from a centralized portal. A dedicated project manager is assigned to every customer who will coordinate everything from the initial kick-off call to follow-up meetings after service launch to ensure everything goes smoothly.

NexVortex Small Business SIP Trunking Voice Service

Outbound Calling

Call anywhere in the world at rates typically 30% to 50% less than old world phone companies

Inbound Calls

With your NexVortex account, you can have as few or as many phone numbers as your business needs

Toll Free

Toll-free calls are only 3.5 cents per minute, and you can keep your existing toll-free number or we can provide you with a new one

Emergency Services

Your safety is important; nexVortex supports both 911 calling and E911 calling wherever available

Advanced Features

Features like real-time billing, Disaster Recovery Routing, Caller ID Management, and Multiple Authentication Keys put control in your hands

Autodetecting Disaster Recovery

Pre-configure up to three failover rules per individual Directory Number or Toll-free number and you can easily manage those rules from your private portal.

NexVortex Managed SIP

NexVortex's best-in-class Managed SIP (mSIP) solution delivers reliability, quality and visibility for your business's voice services. NexVortex’s managed SIP (mSIP) allows business users to confidently migrate to SIP Trunking without sacrificing voice quality or
performance. NexVortex's nationwide world-class network provides its customers with redundancy through multiple data centers and dual WAN failover. Voice quality metrics, measurement, and monitoring tools provide visibility within the NexVortex network.



As a managed service we notify you when we find trouble and work toward a rapid resolution

Peering with most major carriers

Traffic is carried over our nationwide private MPLS network to keep traffic on-net and reduce latency, packet loss and jitter which reduce voice quality.

Business Continuity

Proactive monitoring and definitive troubleshooting with dual-WAN—if your primary ISP goes down voice flows over the second ISP—ensuring business continuity

Voice Quality of Service (QoS)

Measured, delivered, reported—the service from your premise through the network is monitored. We can proactively find and fix trouble spots from the LAN to the PSTN.

NexVortex Toll Free Service

Take advantage of high quality, feature-rich toll free service.  With real time billing, online portal control, and auto detecting disaster recovery routing features, your business will appreciate visibility into your toll free service.

The aggressively priced service plans and toll free bundles will help your company save money.

Save 50% or more

Burstable trunks on demand

Portal control

Advanced provisioning and support

Keep existing numbers

Auto detecting disaster recovery

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